September 2, 2014
NJ350 News
  • New Jersey Is Innovation

    Edison called this Laboratory Complex his Invention Factory...

  • New Jersey is Liberty

    The Old Barracks Museum is a state and national historic landmark that serves as an educational center for Colonial and American history.

  • New Jersey is Diversity

    New Jersey is Diversity. Red Bank jazz great William "Count" Basie's legacy of music embodies the wealth of talent New Jersey offers the world.

  • New Jersey is Liberty

    Morristown served as George Washington's headquarters for two different winter encampments during the Revolutionary War.

  • New Jersey is Diversity

    New Jersey's divserse landscape is home to the Howell Living History Farm.

  • New Jersey is Innovation

    The first condensed soup in America was developed in Camden in 1897.

  • New Jersey is Diversity

    Shorelines, farmlands, mountains, cities and suburbs. New Jersey offers a diversity of topography.

  • New Jersey is Innovation

    Demonstrating the spinning wheel at the Spirit of the Jersey's History Fair

  • New Jersey's Birthday at the State Capital, Trenton

    A visit from Simon Crowcroft, constable of St. Helier, Isle of Jersey and members of the Society of Colonial Wars

  • Make a Joyous Noise to Celebrate NJ350

    Members of the Neve Shalom Synagogue commemorate New Jersey's Anniversary

  • Announcing New Jersey's Anniversary

    Members of the Old Barracks Museum in Trenton fire a salute outside the NJ State House in honor of NJ350

  • Fourth Graders in Sayreville Celebrate NJ350

  • Girl Scouts in Ocean County Celebrate NJ's Birthday

  • Fifth Graders in Middlesex County Celebrate NJ350

What's New at NJ350

A Vacation Paradise for Presidents


On the Long Branch promenade, slightly north of Pier Village, I take a break from my walk to look at the cluster of monuments honoring the seven United States presidents who visited the resort city. It’s a breezy summer evening enhanced by a pink cotton candy sky. The statue of President James A. Garfield is backlit, giving him an ethereal ... Read More »

Jersey Jokes

Mappen Photo

“Dear New Jersey, when people call you ‘The Armpit of America’’ take it as a compliment. Sincerely, Dove.” This was the text of a 2014 billboard campaign touting a brand of deodorant. A lot of Jerseyans complained that the ad copy implied that residents of the state are lacking in personal hygiene, and the firm withdrew its billboards. Here’s another ... Read More »

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