February 14, 2016
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Spring Reading from the 101 Great New Jersey Books List

Spring Reading from the 101 Great New Jersey Books List

New Jersey’s natural landscape has been a source of retreat for residents and tourists and an inspiration to artists.  But its urban sprawl, industrialization and significant population have also threatened its natural landscape and caused great controversy over land preservation.  Explore the beauty of New Jersey, the environmental factors that impact our state, and the policies created to protect its terrain with the following selection from the 101 Great New Jersey Books list.

Protecting New Jersey’s Environment:  From Cancer Alley to the Garden State, Thomas Belton

A Naturalist Along the Jersey Shore, Joanna Burger

The Pine Barrens, John McPhee

The Meadowlands:  Wilderness Adventures at the Edge of a City, Robert Sullivan

Trees and Other Poems, Joyce Kilmer

Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman

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