On to Winnipeg


Since our retirement, Julia and I have been enjoying our travels around Canada. Our travels are something we had dreamed about for years. Now we are making the dream come true. Winnipeg was our recent destination stop; we loved every minute of the stay.

Arrowhead RV Park

Most RV parks close around the end of September which is why we like to go to Arrowhead which about ten minutes outside of Winnipeg. Arrowhead is one of the few places to remain open until the end of October which is great for those of us who like to travel later in the fall. Fall travel is beautiful especially with the changing leaves.

We could pull the RV through the site and give us a chance to relax while we figure out our next stop. While staying at the Arrowhead, we were able to catch up on laundry just remember to bring coins. The showers and restroom facilities were well-kept and clean. On the way, to the shower I was able to see the cutest little dog. Did I mention the Arrowhead is very pet friendly. Julia enjoyed her time catching up social media with the free Wi-Fi. I just enjoyed the time walking around the stony garden area and taking in the wonderful cool air. We had a fun time chatting with our neighbors who had grand kids about the same ages as ours. Instead of sleeping in their RV, the kids all camped outside in their sleeping bags. This reminded us about the previous Christmas where we bought our youngest granddaughter a sleeping sack from the Sleep Sack Store. She immediately wanted to sleep outside with it even though it was near freezing.

The Sites

Since Arrowhead is so close to Winnipeg, we could enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the RV Park but still do some site seeing. We took in as many sites as possible while we were there. I know there were a few that we did not get to see but since we are retired there is a good chance we will be back. Being a history buff, the first sites were my personal favorites.

  • The Manitoba Museum which is in downtown Winnipeg. Maneuvering the RV around was a bit tricky but worth the trip. The museum has lots of history information with dioramas and even full scale replicas to walk through; I could just imagine how people lived in the past. Julia enjoyed the planetarium and the science gallery. The tour took us about four hours out of our day which was a great way to spend the afternoon.
  • The Forks National Historic Site has everything we could ever ask for while site seeing, we actually came back to this location a few times in order to get in all the sties we wanted to view. The Forks really does have something for everyone. Julia loved browsing around the little specialty shops which seem to go on forever. We took time and checked out the Canadian Museum of Human Rights and The Forks National Historic Site of Canada. We even spent time just browsing around the farmer’s market.
  • Winnipeg Art Gallery was a destination on Julia’s list. Visiting Canada’s oldest public art gallery really was relaxing.  The gallery had all types of art and even showcased some local talent.  Julia found some unique jewelry in the shop which she had to have.


Okay, I admit it, finding new a place to eat is my favorite pastime. Even though, most days we would just grab a quick bite at a local vendor or eat in the RV, I still enjoyed searching out new eateries. One of the ones I liked the most was Stella’s Café & Bakery which is on Portage Avenue. The breakfast was amazing, the perfect way to start the day. We stopped at the Crusty Bun which is on St. Mary’s Road and at VJ’s Drive Inn on Main Street to get an awesome shake.

Well, until our next stop…