Top 5 Things to do in Calgary


As our trip through Calgary began, we realized it was time to park the RV and really explore Calgary the way it should be explored – on foot, on a bike, and the CTrain. We opted – obviously – for the CTrain, as being retired is about relaxing, and walking too much or trying to ride a bike through town just wasn’t our idea of fun. Anyways, we found some of the most amazing activities, places to eat, and things to do in Calgary, that we just have to share with you.

Prince’s Island Park

One of the first places we went was Prince’s Island Park, and no, not because it is free. We had to check out this gorgeous island, as soon as we heard about it. For this trip, however, we decided that a picnic would be the best meal for the day, so we stopped at a local market to pack our basket. There are beautiful sites to see here, and it is definitely a family place, something you would not expect to find in the middle of a large city like Calgary. As we were taking a stroll, we passed by the River Café and stopped to have a cup of coffee while watching the people around us.

Calgary Zoo

Our next destination was the Calgary Zoo, mostly because it was located near Prince’s Island Park and we adore animals, which this zoo has plenty of – more than 1,400 to be exact. We gazed for hours at the amazing beasts, including bears, moos, emus, and kangaroos. Of course, we stopped by the Prehistoric Park, and not because the younger generation considers us to be dinosaurs, but because it we enjoyed learning about the history behind the land that was once roamed on by dinosaurs.

Heritage Park

Many people are unaware of the Wild West past of Calgary, unless they have visited Heritage Park. We were amazed at what a vast area this was – covering more than 65 acres of ground, displaying the history that was once Calgary. We visited fur-trading posts, the ranch, and of course, the historic village. This is definitely a place we would return to on a subsequent visit to Calgary. The only issue was they were doing some type of construction nearby so you could hear the constant noise of air tools in the background. I guess we just came at a bad time. Overall though, Heritage Park gets good reviews from both of us.

Glenbow Museum

Not that we are major art connoisseurs or anything, but we though the Glenbow Museum would be worth our time, and the truth is, it was. There is a large collection of military memorabilia, European Art, West African artifacts, and Asian sculptures. It was like taking a time-travelling trip through different cultures across the world all in one location. We’re especially glad we didn’t drive here since there was a huge mess on the roads. All we noticed were some guys using a huge hydraulic jack to try to lift up the back of a large truck for some reason. Definitely not something you would find at Oards Auto Repair your local auto parts store. Still not sure what happened there.

Let’s Talk Food

One of our favorite things to do is eat, and while the picnic was satisfying, that wasn’t the only place we dined while on our trip to Calgary. We decided to try some different places while on our trip. We started with Gaga Pizza, which was definitely worth it. Not only was the food amazing, but the people were great, too. We also stopped by the 7 Seas Seafood & Grill Restaurant, which was fresh and delicious. The last notable place to eat we stopped at was the Village Ice Cream parlor. The sweet and spicy chocolate was divine.

You know, it’s funny, many of the places we visited were old, or about old things – the museum, Heritage Park, and the Prehistoric Park inside Calgary Zoo. However, these are definitely places that are great for couples and families of all ages, not just us because we’re retired. Go! Enjoy! Explore! See what you can see!