Where in the World is Halifax?


My wife and I are continuing our retirement travels around Canada. After much consideration on where we wanted to go next, we decided to head to Halifax which is in the Nova Scotia province. As we headed toward our destination in our RV, the scenic drive was nothing short of spectacular.

Woodhaven RV Park of Halifax

Our first goal was to find a place to park the RV while still being close to Halifax. The closes campground is the Woodhaven RV Park of Halifax. The campground was perfect for our needs with hot showers, laundry facilities and a pool. While Julia was catching up on her social media with the free Wi-Fi, I was able to take in a game of horse shoes. The campground had a nice relaxing atmosphere which is perfect for us while we figure out where to head next.

The Sites

Julia and I enjoyed our downtime at the Woodhaven RV Park but we did our share of sightseeing as well. With so many choices, we had a hard time picking out which sites to see first. I was able to convince Julia to start with a historic site for our first stop.

  • Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada on Sackville Street was our first destination stop. The Citadel is a perfect place to learn about Canada’s history. The Citadel has reenactments of the two most historic regiments of the time, the 78th Highlanders and the Royal Artillery. Of course, the bagpipes playing in the background also helps envision what the time period was really like to witness. We also stopped at the Coffee Bar and Regimental Shop which provided me with a wonderful hot cup of coffee and a snack. Julia spent time in the souvenir shop; she needed more postcards to mail to friends of our recent travels.
  • Halifax Public Gardens is located out on Spring Garden Road and South Park Street. The Halifax Public Gardens was on Julia’s list of must see places. Admittedly, the gardens are stunning. In 1867, the gardens opened and have been maintained to keep that original Victorian era feel with statues, urns, fountains and the iron entrance. Julia of course had to remind me of the honey-do list for our backyard which I never finished before we embarked on our adventure. I had to remind her that I didn’t exactly have the best tools for the job. I’m still a little bummed having to sell most of my tools including the new blue tool chest that was only in my garage for a couple months. But then I think about all the constant upkeep around the house and realize… it’s all good.  We also took a moment and stopped at the Uncommon Grounds Café. I love these little cafes.
  • Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is located on Lower Water Street. The Maritime Museum is just full of marine history. I absolutely love all the history.
  • Fairview Lawn Cemetery may seem like an odd destination stop. However, I wanted to see the cemetery since this is the final resting place for numerous victims of the Titanic.


I know I have probably said this before but my favorite part of traveling is finding new places to eat. Many times we eat in the RV while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of Woodhaven. But we still like to see what the local eateries have to offer. We had a delicious breakfast at Annie’s Place Café which is located on Queen Street. Julia loved the veggie omelet. I loved the French toast and the baked bread.

We also stopped out Morris Street to Piatto’s which is a pizza place. The pizza was great, the best that I have had in a long time. From my understanding, the tomatoes are actually imported in from Napoli, Italy. Of course, Julia liked the fact that the flour used has less gluten.

One of the greatest aspects of Halifax is being able to see the sunset which is absolutely stunning. Try Wagner’s Cove, a beautiful spot.