Windsor: Multiculturalism at its Best

The city of Windsor is located in Ontario, Canada. It is strategically situated to the opposite of the Detroit River, and has so much going on there. In Windsor, you can find almost everything amazing, right from breath-taking entertainment, beautiful parks, and ancient landmarks to extraordinary food. The city has been ranked 5th in the charts of Canada when it comes to multiculturism. Windsor has harbored people of all walks of life, giving them a place to call home.

If you’re looking forward to spending your weekend there, then here are a handful of activities you might wanna try out such as when we visited.

Day 1

For a mouth-watering breakfast, wake up and head straight to Paul’s Kitchen or Suzi’s Grill Cafe. These restaurants will not disappoint you a little bit. They serve all sorts of breakfast delicacies including the usual pancakes, eggs benedict, and omelletes. Be sure to check out the amazing daily specials they offer.  The two restaurants are located right across from each other, giving you an easy time to choose between them.

After taking breakfast, you can head to the “Artist Alley” where you will be able to see different types of amazing street art and paintings. The sight of these pieces of art is just breath-taking, and portrays pure talent. There is usually a Farmers Market here every Saturday as from 8am to 1pm.

Another amazing destination is the Walkerville Brewery. You are definitely going to enjoy this visit if you’re a beer lover. A couple of my favorites included the Scotch ale as well as the local favorite, Waterfront Wit. It can be a little bit difficult to locate this place since there are many other buildings in that address, and they are not arranged in order.

Wind up your tour on a high note at the distillery with a whiskey tasting at around 1 to 3 pm, which will have you psyched up for the next destination.It’s now time to explore the history of Windsor. Head to the Olde Walkerville, where you will see buildings that have remained standing since 1850. These buildings were erected to house people who worked at the distillery. This place therefore has a significant relationship with the distillery.

If you need something to eat as you continue with your exploration, then try the Windsor Pizza. One thing you might not know is that Windsor has a pizza shop (Arcata) that is ranked third in the whole world for their mouth-watering pizzas. Their unique Galati cheese, mushrooms and shredded pepperoni are used as ingredients, making customers come back for more.

For the rest of the day, you can have an amazing experience at the Urban Surf, situated in Tecumseh, a 20 minutes’ drive from Windsor. There, you will be able to do some kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding. They also have sailboats, and for $150 CAD, you can get to enjoy the sailboat for a whole day.

If you are looking for a perfect place to have your dinner, then you can visit the nearby Mamo Burger Bar, or get some delicacies at Johnny Shotz. The Grand Cantina is also a choice if you feel like eating Mexican food.

Day 2

Wake up to delicious smoothies at the Urban Surf before heading to your next destination. You can make a stopover at Taboola Café for a cup of coffee or tea to top up on your smoothie. Immediately after your breakfast, head to the Windsor’s Sculpture Park. It lays parallel to the Detroit River. It is a beautiful place to be on a summer morning, with interesting sculptures to view. Later on, you can head to the Art Gallery of Windsor to view their beautiful exhibits. There are interesting exhibitions going on there till the 30th of this month; the Andy Warhol exhibit and the Contemporary Sandwich shop, which showcases sandwich-inspired art.

Light up your mid morning at the Sandwich Brewing Co. or Walkerville Brewery once again by enjoying a pint of cold beer. Pass by the local Sandwich District and explore their historical delicacies. After that, you can head to the Ford City. It is an old community which dates back to early 1900s, and was built by Ford Motor Company. If you still have energy left in you, take a tour with WindsorEat. They offer a wide array of food and drink tours through the city. This will give you an ultimate experience of what the city is all about as you wind up your tour at Windsor.


While Julia and I enjoyed the sights and sounds of Windsor, there is one sight which we aren’t too keen on reliving anytime soon. At the small bed and breakfast we stayed at, we had an unwanted visitor our final morning. While brushing her teeth, Julia noticed something scurrying quickly across the tile floor out of the corner of her eye and going behind the toilet. Her scream told me that she wanted me to investigate.


I peaked behind the toilet and saw this HUGE spider about 3cm long. Since I wasn’t in a position to squish it (nor did I want to), I quickly Googled what it could be. Turns out it was a wolf spider! It actually sounds scarier than it is but supposedly they’re fairly common around Ontario. Unlike a typical small house spider, getting rid of a wolf spider is a bit trickier. Since it was our last morning there, we decided to just let the owner handle it. Still not sure how they actually got rid of it, but we were back on the road by then.